Famous Fans

Many celebrities have been reported as benefiting from the Pilates experience. Here are some we have identified!

Kath Day & Kel Night

Jennifer Aniston

Denise Austin

Drew Barrymore

Elizabeth Berkley

The Princess of Brunei

Catherine Bell

John Cleese

Kim Coles

Courtney Cox

Jamie Lee Curtis

Minnie Driver

Jody Foster

Hugh Grant

Melanie Griffith

Danny Glover

Martha Graham

Shalom Harlow

Lucy Lawless


Carrie-Anne Moss

Cynthia Nixon

Gwyneth Paltrow

Stefanie Powers

Julia Roberts

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Susan Sarandon

Rod Stewart

Julia Stiles

Sharon Stone

Patrick Swayze

Charlize Theron

Uma Thurman

Marisa Tomei

Kathleen Turner

Tina Turner

Amber Valetta

Vanessa Williams

Kate Winslet