Lower mortgage repayments and Free Pilates????

Feeling the pinch of inflation and higher interest rates?

PILATES 4 You has negotiated a special deal with Smartmove Professional Mortgage Advisers.

Mortgage competitiveness has changed recently and a quick review will let you know where you stand.

Smartmove have a 95% success rate in lowering the costs of their clients mortgages.
They can often reduce your mortgage simply by making your current bank and loan account more competitive.

Click the envelope below and email Simon or David from Smartmove will call you to discuss your situation.

Make sure you mention PILATES 4 You.

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On an average loan account, Smartmove should be able to save you at least the cost of your Pilates classes every term.

If thats not enough to get you interested, Smartmove will also give you a $180 PILATES 4 You gift voucher for a free term of pilates.

Get financially fitter while you get physically fitter with PILATES 4 You.

Conditions apply