An interview with the Founder of Pilates 4 You

What exactly is Pilates?

Pilates is a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises. Pilates concentrates on building strength and flexibility, improving coordination, balance and posture – as well as increasing stamina. All Pilates movements are initiated by the muscles in the abdominal area which we call the “Powerhouse” in Pilates. Our exercises are designed to work the smaller muscle groups that support the larger ones. One of the unique aspects of Pilates is that we treat the whole body and mind as one. So that each exercise movement is strengthening and lengthening the entire muscular system.

Where did Pilates come from? Is it a new fad?

Pilates is not a new fad. It has been around for nearly 100 years. Its fair to say though that over the past 10 years, famous Pilates advocates like Madonna, Sharon Stone and Dustin Hoffman have increased public awareness of the benefits – and results! of Pilates. So it is currently very fashionable. And it is here to stay because Pilates WORKS!

The Pilates exercise system was actually developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s. He studied many different types of eastern and western exercise including Tai Chi and Yoga. From these studies and his own research and beliefs about mind and body, he developed a set of unique exercises.

How is Pilates different to Yoga?

Yoga focuses on holding the body in certain exercise positions – including positions that are very difficult! – to stretch the body. Pilates exercises involve less complicated routines, more repetitions and more flowing movement.

In my experience, this means that Pilates is more accessible to more people – of different ages and fitness levels - and that results occur faster.

Both disciplines share a philosophy of body and mind connectedness, breathing and peacefulness.

Doesn’t Pilates use complicated equipment?

Studio based Pilates uses equipment originally designed for bedridden patients. At Pilates 4 You we teach mat-based Pilates which only requires a mat and a towel. The body provides its own exercise resistance. This means that you can practice the exercises between classes in your own home.

Who is best suited for Pilates?

The beauty about our training system is that it suits all people. Men & Women alike. Pilates is low impact yet fairly intensive. It is ideal for everyone, young or old, those who are extremely fit or out of shape as well as those who have chronic pain, injuries, or asthma.

Is Pilates hard to learn?

Aside from taking the step to book into the first term of classes, the hardest thing about Pilates is learning how to pronounce it!

It is pronounced PILL-ART-EASE – which is interesting when you look at those words...

Pill = medicine for the body

Art = gracefulness and connectedness

Ease = How easy it is for your body to follow the exercises.

Lorraine, you hold qualifications in a number of exercise and associated health disciplines. Why focus on Pilates?

I have been involved in exercise for over 30 years now. Everything I tried was too intensive on the body, or too boring and repetitive. Some forms of exercise take so long to see any objective result. Pilates is different. Not only do I personally enjoy taking the classes, but I get to see the difference Pilates 4 You has on our participants health and wellbeing. All of our instructors share this philosophy.

What can people expect from their participation in Pilates?

Each participant can expect noticeable results – and pretty quickly too. What continues to amaze me is the variety of ways Pilates impacts on people and the speed with which it does. Almost all Pilates 4 You participants report some noticeable change after 5 classes. Greater fitness, strength and coordination are the most common improvements. Being less stressed and not as tired are also quite common. It is a real pleasure when participants report a significant reduction in back or arthritic pain and increased physical confidence.

In fact, it was Joseph Pilates himself that said, “In 10 sessions you will feel a difference, in 20 sessions you will see a difference and in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body”

Lorraine Deck
Lorraine Deck
Founder &
Lead Instructor