How Pilates Builds You A Better Body!

+ Reduced back & neck pain

+ Improved well-being

+ Greater mobility

+ Heightened confidence

+ Greater co-ordination

+ Sports injury prevention

+ Arthritis relief

+ Improved overall fitness

+ Shrink your waistline

+ Control every muscle

+ Strengthen your mind

+ Breathe deeper

+ Increased flexibility

+ Stand tall

+ Redistribute your body weight

+ Stretch away stress

+ Boost your energy

+ Look better naked!

What can PILATES give you?

1. A healthy, flexible spine

PILATES gives more support to your spine, creating space between the vertebrae and transforming them into a supple string of pearls. That improves mobility and grace and helps prevents degenerative problems, such as slipped disks.

2. Better balance

Balance starts to deteriorate in your 40s as your muscles weaken and your nerve receptors lose sensitivity. PILATES slows this process by stabilizing your core - working deep muscles needed to keep your body steady and your spine strong.

3. Less pain and stiffness

Appropriate exercise is vital to managing arthritis, because it increases flexibility and reduces pain and fatigue. PILATES also leads to subtle posture improvements that may drive away aches throughout your body.

4. Kinder, gentler conditioning

If you're out of shape, PILATES provides a wonderful way back in. It puts no stress on your joints and no wear and tear on your ligaments and cartilage.

PILATES 4 You Exercise Principles


Your mental presence wills your body into action


Your imagination sharpens your focus


Your breath cleanses, energises & relaxes


Your controlled muscle movements maximise results


Your powerhouse is your source of strength and energy


Your grace causes your body to flow naturally


Your perfect alignment and precise movement reward


Your flexibility & strength develops with elongation


Your coordination of mind and body generates vitality


Your commitment delivers ongoing refinement