Testimonials from Participants

I joined up to attend ''PILATES 4 You'' after giving birth to my first child. I initially wanted to regain my strength, especially in the abdominal area.

After attending Pilates for about 4 terms, I have not only continually increased my strength but have also improved as a whole person. I have greater flexibility, better muscle toning, better posture, I have lost 12kg and dropped 2 dress sizes. I have also achieved relaxation, inner peace and calmness. I feel my demeanor has altered and I am more patient and tolerant.

'PILATES 4 You' instructors have been terrific as they offer different position stretches each week to focus on the "whole body". They clearly demonstrate different levels of each stretch to cater for the whole class, beginners to advanced. This has personally assisted me, as over the terms my strength has increased and I have been able to aim higher and work through each stage.

"I live for my Pilates each week". "I love it !!" Many thanks

…. Jo, HR Manager

After several terms of Pilates I find greater freedom of movement, better breathing control, greater muscle strength and balance leading to more confidence when playing tennis (twice weekly) and skiing at 74 years of age.

…. Pamela, Age 74

I was told by a few friends who had done Pilates that it would help flatten my tummy as it was all about using the inner core muscles and pelvic floor. So that is what I expected to get from the class! But not only has my tummy become flatter and more toned, I also have better flexibility now! So that is a bonus.

…. Anita

I was drawn to Pilates finally after coming to the realistaion that I was never going to wear pretty shoes again. My core stability was so bad that it had thrown off my back, hips and finally my feet. After about 4 sessions of Pilates I noticed that my back and hips felt a lot better. I went back to my Podiatrist who noticed an improvement so much that the orthodics are on hold as he thinks that Pilates is the answer for me. While I am still in sensible shoes at the moment, I figure another term and spring will be filled with pretty coloured shoes

…. Tiina, Teacher

Lorraine, I am delighted to write to you about the positive outcomes from attending PILATES 4 You. I had a bi-lateral sequential hip replacement 4 years ago. (For those that do not know, that is both hips replaced at the same time). All the things that Pilates promises has come true for me. I have achieved a much better posture, feel wonderfully energised after each class, I am working in a much more positive and productive way and I am able to deal with all my daily ups and downs calmly and with equanimity. I enjoy the diversity that the classes offer and I notice after each class that the challenges you ask us to achieve are taking me further and further towards greater strength and flexibility.

I am building a much better body! As I am now in my 60's I think this is fabulous.

…. Rosemary, Age 60 something

Lorraine, you a great Pilates instructor and I'm looking forward to next term!

I knew Pilates was good for your back, but didn't realise how great it is for your tummy muscles. Of course, it now makes sense that all those muscles support each other, but for a 46 year old mother of 3, who had almost forgotten where those muscles were, it was a wonderful rediscovery!"

…. Jennifer, Age 46, Mother

Thank you for your Pilates classes, they have made an enormous difference to my feeling of health and well being. Before I started your program, I had been feeling defeated and anxious about the injuries and problems that seemed to be accumulating. After 18 months, I feel MUCH more flexible and have much LESS PAIN. I have always felt ridiculous and out-of-place in aerobics classes and gyms. But somehow, you manage to make the sessions fun, challenging and varied and still give each person individual feedback and encouragement. We all walk away feeling refreshed and positive.

…. Kate, Age 52, Human Resources Consultant

I started Pilates on the recommendation of my physiotherapist as after the birth of my second child I had lower back problems. Pilates has definitely strengthened my stomach muscles and my back pain has virtually gone. My whole figure has also changed - my stomach is flatter and my backside tighter! Even my husband has commented! I feel stronger, slimmer and more in control of my body.

…. Louise, PR Consultant, Gladesville

I joined Pilates at the beginning of 2004 to improve my strength and flexibility, and become more toned. I have already noticed a significant improvement - my stomach muscles in particular are stronger, and I am coming closer to touching my toes! I also feel so refreshed and relaxed after a Pilates class. I strongly recommend it.

…. Kelly, Age 27, Town Planner, Narrabeen

I started Pilates because I needed to do some gentle exercises to retone my aging body. I am going through menopause at 57, and my body has changed so much in the past few years. I am finding Pilates has helped me to regain some energy and self correction: e.g.. holding my bulging tummy in and straightening my back. I also had a shoulder injury and was doing quite a bit of physio. So Pilates has helped there too.

…. Name Withheld

I can see & feel both short and long term benefits from Pilates. Even though I am a regular attendee at the gym where I mostly do cardiac & resistance work I was very surprised after the first two classes to find muscles that had been dormant for a long time. I have found after just the five classes flexibility especially in my golf swing is improved. I am not as stiff in the morning when I first get out of bed & bending & stretching are easier. I have never been able to co-ordinate my breathing with exercise or activity however this is coming along, in fact for the first time ever I know I am breathing correctly when doing weights although I acknowledge I have a bit of a way to go to get it right with Pilates. My posture is definitely better, standing straighter & the abdominals firming up. I'm starting to win by combining Pilates with my other exercise & activity programme plus a sensible diet. Thanks for your patience& direction.


I just wanted to say I really enjoyed yesterday's class, particularly with doing lots of work with our arms. I like doing what I can to help avoid the flabby arms that we women are prone to. I just wanted to give you some feedback. Because my work has been quite stressful, I feel that the classes are doing so much more this term especially.

…. Leonie

A few years ago I had a serious back injury. Chiro’s and Physio’s were treating me at least twice a week. This cost me a lot of money - totalling nearly $15,000 to repair my back. My physio advised me to start PILATES and after only 6 months I no longer needed either of my doctors and have never looked back. I FEEL FANTASTIC NOW! I really notice when I'm slack and miss my PILATES 4 You class….

.… Rachel, age 30, Customer Service from Narrabeen

Thanks very much for teaching me Pilates. I really enjoyed the classes and found the combination of lots of abs and upper-body strength exercises are really good for me. Look forward to seeing you next term. Warmest regards

…. Deborah

I joined up after recently having my first child and needed to regain my strength. I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes. They have allowed me to relax and focus on being a better person - all round. I have certainly gained back most of my pre pregnancy strength and I can feel my body beginning to take shape again... thank you.

…. Jo

Since I have started doing Pilates I have to admit that I am more conscious of my posture. Pilates has really helped me a lot and I would definitely recommend it to everybody. Particularly if like me you have old uncomfortable back pain and found out that nothing else seems to work. GIVE IT A TRY and you will be surprised................ It works for me!

.... Sandra

I have signed up for more Saturdays with PILATES 4 You and will work up to more than one session a week once I have moved house and settled down again.

.... Margie

I am enjoying your classes and feel a benefit. Your overseeing of your class to keep people on track is very good.

.... Elaine.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the classes, this is my second season with PILATES 4 You and it's great!!

Greg is a great instructor!! I'm learning lots and noticing a difference in my strength, balance and stability.

So thanks very much!

.... Mel

Lorraine, We will definitely be there again next term and under your tutelage! The few classes I have been able to attend have been fabulous for me and your teaching ability is excellent! I have no hesitation to recommend you in particular to anybody for the service you provide!

.... Gordon.

My stomach muscles are much better- they really hurt- but the good news is that my back doesn't!

…. Elizabeth, Research Scientist, Killara

I have enjoyed two consecutive terms of Pilates with Lorraine. The discomfort in my lower back has lessened to almost negligible during the second term, although I do not find much time to practice between lessons. The course has reinforced my awareness of my posture, and I find the new form of exercise more comfortable this term. Thank you, Lorraine, for your pleasant training sessions.

….Mary, age 62, Office Administrator from St Ives

I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 10 years and through perseverance and the alternative medical system feel the best that I could hope for. I tried Qi Gong, Energy Chi and Yoga, but there was little effect. In one term of Pilates however, I have noticed a big improvement in the body-mind connection. I am walking more and striding out. When I sit for long periods, automatically find myself doing some of the exercises, albeit modified.

Our instructor, Andrea, makes it light work, to very appropriate music, and allows you to work at your own pace.

….M age 65, Semi-retired from Milsons Point

I enjoy the classes on a number of levels. I really enjoyed getting back in touch with this amazing exercise system. I am beginning to rediscover strength and flexibility in a safe and non-competitive environment. This is really important to me as I need to feel safe and grounded in my own body.

I go to the classes that Lorraine teaches & she really encourages us to learn and experience Pilates at our own pace. We are given different levels of difficulty & not made to feel inadequate if we cannot yet to the intermediate level as it is much more important to get to grips with the core principles than injure ourselves because we are pushing ourselves too hard. I value her classes as she blends technique, clear direction, good demonstration and humour into a well balanced hour. I look forward to the first day of term.

….Maggie, former Dance Movement Therapist

Being in my mid sixties, I did not have the flexibility of others in the class when I started PILATES. On the other hand, I now have a much better appreciation of proper breathing, posture and the importance of the pelvic area.

…..Bob, age 60 something

I think the classes are great and I do benefit from them….

…..Karlie from Warriewood

I have been attending Pilates for 3 terms now and am definitely converted. After having 2 babies the amount of time and energy I have to exercise has decreased .It has been wonderful to find a class that specifically addresses those parts of your body that are most affected by pregnancy and birth! I think more new mothers should be encouraged to take up Pilates after a safe period of time post birth. It is a great energy 'giver' as well.

The reason Pilates makes so much sense to me is that it works on core stability - our tummy and back needs to be strong if we are attempting more difficult everyday activities with other parts of our bodies. For example bending and lifting away from our body. The ability to choose what level of difficulty you are capable of within each specific exercise is fantastic. For once someone is telling us to exercise slowly in a controlled way and because we are all working individually the competition to be better than the person next to us is removed.

If you have just started and are wondering if it is for you, please persist as it has taken me a few months to feel as though I have mastered specific sequences and learnt which level of difficulty to attempt. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

….Emma, Occupational Therapist and Mother

Dear Lorraine, I am looking forward to seeing you again. You are a great teacher and I love your sense of humour.

.... Tricia

I initially only intended to do a few Pilates classes to see how it all went. Now coming to the completion of my first full term, I will most definitely be attending the next one, and would hate to miss out. My body feels much better for it, particularly my back. The stress of the day disappears while I am at the class, and when it is over I feel much better. I think it is also great how you can make up classes if you cannot attend.

.... Leonie, 29, Recruitment Consultant, Marsfield.

I participate in the Monday evening 7.45 pm class. I have really enjoyed the term so far and have an excellent teacher. She is thorough, friendly and extremely professional.

…. Beth

Since taking up Pilates with Lorraine (over a year ago) I have felt a significant improvement in my strength and flexibility. The other major benefit has been a reduction in tension in my back and neck as I tend to spend a lot of time using the computer for my work. I often hear Lorraine telling me to "relax those shoulders" as I go about doing things through the week. I will be back next term

…. Yvette, age 40, researcher

Dear Lorraine

Thank you for your efforts in the class to make it very pleasant & fun - although it is hard work.

I had a slipped disc in my lower back & for a year I was in constant pain. Working full time & having a family with 2 kids made it very hard to cope. I tried to one of those ergonomic chairs designed for lower back pain but this affected my hip & knee joints with lots of pain & discomfort.

This made me so afraid to get involved in any physical activity. This made my back grow weaker & weaker. Through the years I have tried to do some exercises to improve my back strength but always ended up with a bad attack & 1-2 weeks in bed. At work I am in front of the computer for long hours, doing graphics means using the mouse with my left hand & the key board with my right hand this for years created very tight muscles in my upper back & shoulders & lots of pain.

I read about Pilates on the internet - how it is designed to strengthen the back muscles. My friend told me about your classes, I wanted to give my back a chance. In the first class I was so afraid that I will be in bed for the next 2 weeks, but I was fine with no pain at all after the class. I also realized how weak & out of tone my muscles were, which made me determined to persevere & improve the physical strength of my body. I try to practice at home 4-5 times a week and are enjoying the classes & exercises very much. I feel that I am getting stronger & I have not experienced any pains in the lower back, which is making me more confident. I also feel that those very tight muscles in my upper back are starting to loosen up & I am not feeling the pain I have always felt at the end of the long working day.

I found the description of exercises with photos in your news letters very very helpful when I do them at home. Lots of times I forget how the exercise went in the class as well they made me understand the benefits of each movement a bit more & which parts of the body are meant to stay still.

…. Salwa

I have felt I have benefited from the Pilates body conditioning. I am getting stronger safely. The last class I did I was stronger than I thought. My body is more in tune than my brain.

I still appreciate how different levels are catered for in the one class. I have found that I am trying to work beyond my level and realised over the last couple of weeks that I need to take some of the exercises back a level so I am doing it properly. That is within the Pilates guidelines: precision, breathing etc. I have found that these principles are starting to sink in more. In general I feel I have better body awareness and try to apply the correct posture and strong abdominals when I am riding my bike.

I like the arm work with the dyna bands. They worked you really hard and served the same purpose as the machines would without the expense. Very simple yet very effective.

Once again I like the way Lorraine teaches so each person gets what they need out of the class according to their own body's needs. It is great that we are given new exercises and challenges that aren't too scary. The sequences we did in the first part of the term pushed me a little and also reminded me that you can sweat heaps in Pilates.

I look forward to the new term and am contemplating two classes a week as I have found this really helped me when I was doing my catch up classes.

Best wishes

…. Maggie

I have found the classes beneficial and have already enrolled for my second term. Since starting the Pilates classes I do feel that I am using my abdominal muscles in my day-to-day activities such as climbing stairs, driving or just tidying up the house without even making a conscious effort, and this is really taking pressure off my back. I also feel more toned and flexible than usual. Thank you and see you next term.


During the last 5 years I have had two nasty mishaps. The first was a fall which left me with 2 broken legs and a plate and a number of screws and pins to carry for the rest of my life The second was a serious car accident which severely injured the left side of my body, particularly my shoulder and knee. After 12 months at Pilates I can now balance on my left leg, which doesn't sound much, but if you haven't been able to do it for years it is a great thrill. I have also found a great improvement in my left shoulder. The pain has diminished and I have much greater movement and flexibility. I feel better all over. I have become a Pilates advocate - my sister, Annette and my friend Laurie have both been nagged into signing up for courses and our conversations frequently compare and contrast classes and exercises. Finally - as for a personal trigger I use playground duty at work – After all I have to do it everyday!

….Maggie, Teacher

I have enjoyed my classes with Lorraine. I have trouble with sciatica down my left side at times and have found that Pilates is really helping. Also my pelvic and stomach muscles have strengthened tremendously.

….Lynette, age 55, Home Manager from Davidson

I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) for 3 years, and have lost a lot of strength and stamina. After a term of PILATES 4 You with Lorraine I have already noticed a great improvement, allowing me to get on with my career as a flautist. I recommend it to everyone, especially musicians and those recovering from illness. Thank you Lorraine!

….Jane, age 19, Flautist/Student from Gladesville

My husband and I had classes in Gladesville on Thursday nights, and I must admit I was worried how I would go, as previously I tried yoga, and was in pain so much every time after class. It took me few months to recover after that. But I can only say, your PILATES 4 You classes are simply fantastic. I had a big problem with my shoulders before we started. I do not feel any pain any more. Lorraine is very supportive, and PILATES 4 You is far more organized and professional than any gym I have ever tried.

….Marija, Logistics Manager from Gladesville

I have had a chronic back problem for the last 20 years and have had 2 prolapsed discs around the L5 vertebra. My doctor recommended I give PILATES a try. Even after the first session I felt some improvement ... mainly in my flexibility. I have made gradual improvement each week since and I expect that PILATES 4 You will be the long-term remedy I have been looking for….

….Nick, age 50 from Narrabeen

Traffic lights, keys, mobile phone and PC will never be the same (you have to attend the class to find out why!), its always scoop and pull in from the belly button. I find I am doing it without thinking...it has made a difference...the dull ache from the lower back is not there as much......

…..Dee, age 55 from Balgowlah

I have now completed two terms of Pilates and have really felt the benefit. My posture is improving, I am generally more flexible and I thoroughly enjoy the class. My teacher is excellent and explains the reasons for doing the exercises….

…..Ann, age 70 from Balgowlah

Lorraine, our PILATES 4 You instructor is professional. Her instructions, and supervision are excellent and helpful. Always friendly too! I enjoyed Pilates this term…..

…..Lorraine, housewife

I have been doing PILATES for the last 11 weeks with Miss Lorraine and I have found that it has strengthened my knees and also helped me with my posture. Prior to PILATES, if I bent down to the lower shelves in supermarkets I would have trouble getting up again. Definitely going again next term…..

…..Di, Finance Officer from North Narrabeen

Dear PILATES 4 You Instructors, organisers and people in charge, I am a 12 year old trapeze artist. PILATES 4 You has helped my flexibility and strength in all my trapeze and acrobatics training. Although I may not be able to return next term for another PILATES 4 You course, I have enjoyed this term very much and have benefited greatly from it. Thankyou….

…..Georgie, age 12, Trapeze Artist

I started with PILATES 4 You with Lorraine last year, which was a great introduction to the techniques and theory. My general fitness has improved and PILATES rounds out my regime of running and swimming (if you can call once a week each a regime). I don't know where the other days disappear. I have noticed I don't suffer colds, flu (or whatever it is that seems to going around the office all the time) or hay fever nearly as much as I used to. I am far more mindful of my posture and breathing, and feel really good for it, and more toned. I think this is the way I can keep fit forever. I find the flexibility of attending other PILATES 4 You classes a real bonus, and the flexibility to move up a level within the class is good too….

…..Margie, age 35 Bank Officer from Manly Vale

A few years ago I had a serious back injury. Chiro’s and Physio’s were treating me at least twice a week. This cost me a lot of money - totalling nearly $15,000 to repair my back. My physio advised me to start PILATES and after only 6 months I no longer needed either of my doctors and have never looked back. I FEEL FANTASTIC NOW! I really notice when I'm slack and miss my PILATES 4 You class….

.….Rachel, age 30, Customer Service from Narrabeen